Participatroy Mural of Hope & Joy – Anjara, Jordan | October’22

“Inspiring, positive, encouraging,…” and image has the power to transform. The participatory mural of hope & joy will become a monument. A Monument that reminds citizens about their agency to create a positive future.

People of Ajloun describe their governorate as “forgotten,” and like the “Bermuda Triangle where no state services are available.” […] Participants noted that opportunities are limited. Further Ajloun is one of the governorates with the least number of activities being offered to youth by CSOs, national and international NGOs, and informal youth groups. Among social challenges for youth in Ajloun are: worry about the future, drug use among youth, fear of not attaining self-realization, unemployment.

Participants of the youth mentoring program Tareeqak Akafak face the challenge and take action. They will express that everyone has the potential to flourish through arts. The swiss-based organization Cup Of Colors will assist them in the process and help with their expertise in creating community murals. The project has the full support of Greater Ajloun Municipality. Aladdin Ajloun and Peter Hofer under IYAF, Jordan based organisation, are responsible for the mural of hope & joy.

The work on the mural starts on the 14th of October’22. The opening event is scheduled for 04th of November’22.

Mural of Hope & Joy

Details: 16 x 16 meters. Location: Anjara, Ajloun.

Inspired by

“We uplift each other by painting wall murals with communities to bring hope.”  Cup of Color


we like transparency. Find the full concept of Mural of hope & joy by a click on the image below.

Community Approach

we have full support of Ajloun Greater Municipality

Social Impact

“Mural of Hope & Joy will be the number one topic of conversation in October in Ajloun.”

The work on the mural contains talks on relevant life topics. Commutes and citiziens will stopp by the mural and are encourage to enter a conversation of postivitiy.

Get Involved

To realize the mural of hope & joy we ask you for help.

People in Ajloun are under financial stress, low income and social obligation are a barrier to realize the project. The will to create the mural is there but not the financial means. We ask you for help.

Costs: Paint, Scaffold, Hosting Cup of Colors in Jordan, Transportation, Opening Ceremony.

Support | Donate

We are looking for jordanien companies that help in the following:

  • car rental
  • paint
  • scaffold
  • snacks & juice for Opening Ceremony

Contact: Aladdin Alajlouni +962 796621715

The Process

March’22 | Idea was born

If someone drives or walks through Amman Murals are present almost all over. They all have their unique messages. In rural areas Murals are not common. Half of the participants of Tareeqak Akafak are from Ajloun or Jerash. Why not using this unique opportunity to use a Mural to spread the message of the programm: a postive outlook on the future. A Mural of hope & joy.

April’22 | Cup Of Colors engagement

Cup of Colors is a swiss based organisation with the expertise of creating community arts. The perfect fit for the project Mural of hope & joy 

June’22 | Agreement with Municipality of Ajloun

“This project is needed.” – on the 2nd of June the colloboration agreement was signed.

June’22 | Selection of the Wall

16 x 16 meter, high visibilty – the perfect spot for the miral of hope & joy was found. The owener of the building is highly in favour of the project and signed by mit-june a colloboration agreement. 

June & July’22 | Participants express theirselves through art

Creation Days – this is the name of one of the modules of the youth mentoring program. Here participants learn to express their vision and hope through art. The perfect preparation for the mural of hope & joy. 

July’22 | Selection of the Main Image

At the end of June participants discussed their own values and attitudes that help them to achieve their goals. The main image could be a climber stadning for: Goal-Setting, Visualizing the Future, Symbolizes Grid and Endurance, Peak Experience of Joy

July – October’22 | Fundraising

To realize the project funds are needed. Therefore a fundreaiser started.

October’22 | Mural realisation Anjara

The participants of Tareeqak Akafak creating with the assistance of Cup of Colors the mural of hope & joy.

4th of November | Opening Ceremony

We warmly invite you to celebrate with us in Anjara, Ajloun.